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Why Sellers Hire Us

Why do Sellers hire us?  That’s easy – referrals and experience. At Crimaldi and Associates, we’ve been striving for exceptional customer satisfaction for nearly 20 years. We treat every transaction as though it were our own. We excel at holding together deals that others might find insurmountable.  We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients, and that satisfaction can be seen through our countless referrals and repeat customers.


Think about it, if you didn’t like a service you received, would you refer your friends and family?  Would you hire us a second (third, or fourth) time to help you over the years? Of course you wouldn’t, and neither would we.  We’re strong believers in the Golden Rule, and always try to treat others as we would want to be treated.


Referrals are great, but even better than that is experience. We’ve been specializing in residential real estate sales and leasing since the early 2000’s.  We’ve seen firsthand how the market reacted to the “boom,” later by the crash, and finally the resurgence.  Real Estate is a sink or swim business, and it was during those times that we not only swam, but thrived.


We quickly became experts in short sales and foreclosures, which gave us far more firsthand knowledge of the innerworkings of lenders and associations than most Realtors. Throughout this time, we’ve also been one of the area’s leading rental/property managers.  Our experience in property management, short sales, foreclosures, etc. has resulted in our extensive knowledge of HOA and Condo Association Bylaws, Florida Statutes, and much more. Our in depth knowledge of all aspects of general real estate make us a valuable asset to our clients.


Real Estate is very likely one of the greatest assets you will ever own.  Any Realtor can list your property for sale on the MLS and try to find a buyer. Where we excel in proving our value is after an offer is presented. Many Sellers have a false sense of security once they receive an offer. But that’s when the work really begins.  So many obstacles can come up once you accept your offer.  Of course, your primary concern will be negotiating the best deal.  This is typically based on several factors, not just price.  Do you need extra time to move after you close?  Are there special terms you might require in the sale of your home?  Perhaps there are special features that must be explained to the Buyer’s Agent to justify a higher counter-offer?  Being an expert in the market with an in-depth knowledge of not only what homes are sold in the MLS, but also the tax records, pending sales pocket listings, etc. helps justify a counter-offer from a Seller.


Once the purchase price has been successfully negotiated there can often be inspection issues.  Your Realtor needs to be able to navigate the objections of a home inspection.   When choosing your Realtor, you should hire an expert that is well versed in not only in the contractual obligations of the purchase agreement, but also requirements stated under Florida Statutes.  Too many times we see other Agents simply cave to home inspection items, costing their Sellers thousands of dollars in unnecessary concessions. Hiring the right Realtor will help you save money here in the long run.


A good Listing Agent can also think outside of the box to make a deal work.  Typically, this comes down to price versus terms. Let’s say you need the proceeds from the sale of your current home, but need extra time in your current property after you close.  Sometimes, the “terms” are just as important as the price.


This is where hiring the RIGHT Realtor is important.  When it comes to hiring your Real Estate Professional, you should be sure to consider:
  1.  Their client reviews
  2. Number of transactions
  3. Comprehensive Marketing Plan – Click Here to View Our Marketing!
  4. Any state regulated complaints
  5. Call us for more helpful hints! 239.270.1249
Have we captured your attention?  You’ve probably already performed the automated “What is Your Home Worth” search on our site. NOTE: This tool auto-generates values and does not necessarily reflect the true value of your home.


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