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DRAFT: Traditional Listings

What is a “Traditional” Listing?
This refers to most real estate sales listings.  When we say “traditional” listing, we’re referring to a property listed for sale that meets these qualifications:
– The property is owned by a U.S. Citizen or Corporation
– The property is NOT part of a probate proceeding
– The market value of the property is MORE than the remaining mortgage balance
– The property is NOT subject to bank or HOA foreclosure
Why Should I Choose Crimaldi & Associates?
That’s easy. Because we’re awesome! No, seriously, we are.  We’ve been one of the top real estate brokerages in Southwest Florida for nearly 20 years!
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Take a look at all of the successful people in your industry. Who do they associate with?  OTHER top producers in their field.  It’s just part of the game.  When you hire us, youa frie’re also tapping into our extensive network of top producers.  A friendly call or text to one of these top producers brings your property to the forefront instead of just hoping they notice it in the MLS.
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